What is land reclamation?

It is the creation of new territory through the process of filling submerged zones, usually in the area of coasts or riverbanks.

What is Landboxes?

It is a state-of-the-art land reclamation system: faster, more economical, without geological impact, and respectful with the environment.


Landboxes overview

System Landboxes


The Landboxes Unit is the main modular element of the System. It is a large hexagonal volume box made of reinforced concrete, like a port caisson, that, thanks its special characteristics, allows it to be assembled with others to create new territory.

System Landboxes


It is built through a naval platform, it is then positioned in a specific location and is assembled with other units until the required surface area has been achieved. It positioned through sustained gravity or tensioned flotation.

System Landboxes


One of the main advantages of the Landboxes System is that it’s highly adaptable and can be implemented in any land reclamation project, no matter the location, size or depth, and is especially suitable for depths of 10 to 80 meters.

Usos Landboxes


Landobxes are especially useful for the extension of urban land. Landboxes incorporate all the necessary services into its structure make this system ideal for industrial, residential, recreational or military purposes as well as ports and airport extensions, both for temporary and permanent constructions.

Eventos Landboxes


Due to urban overpopulation and climate change, the need for new space has become a critical issue. Current engineering practices and conventional materials will not be able to cover this demand, and it is imperative to find more efficient methods of land reclamation and to create land from submerged areas.

Pile-Driving Landboxes


The setting up of Landboxes Units to submerged soil is always done with specific Pile-driving (gravity or TLP), and a proprietary 3D Support Head system that can absorb movements in the XY plane (earthquakes), as well as mechanical displacement capability in the Z plane (adjustment to sea level).


Landboxes roadmap

Landboxes is currently in the development stage of prototypes, patents and integration of solutions.

In progress

New developments

During the 2020-21 campaign, Landboxes is developing large projects for Mumbai Bay (India) and the Barcelona Coastline (Europe). In both cases, land reclamation exercises in half depth of more than 2,000,000 m2 and 500 Landboxes Units.


LML Systems - Logistics

LML is a super-efficient logistics system of last mile parcel delivery that is multipurpose, intelligent and fully automated, and which will be integrated natively in Landboxes System. This project is developed in partnership with LAIA Lab NYC.


Coastal resiliency

During this season, Landboxes, in collaboration with LAIA Lab, has opened a research space at Harvard Innovation Lab for the implementation of a coastal resilency project, focused on impact measurement, active structural solutions and materials development.