Due to its unique characteristics, Landboxes is not only a perfect construction system for land reclamation, it also offers multiple possibilities as an autonomous marine platform.

Possible applications

Currently Landboxes Lab is working on different projects and applications beyond land reclamation solutions. The field of opportunity is wide, and these are some of the most relevant areas to develop:

Urban extension applications

Beyond its natural application in the development of land reclamation executions in urban environments through developments that group a set of Landboxes Units, this modular solution can be used for the creation of auxiliary, complementary and even temporary platforms, associated with large projects, such as the creation of support territories, green, recreational or public spaces -to sponge high density of habitat-, encapsulation of unpopular or difficult urban fit services, and others.

Civil engineering applicationss

Landboxes System propitiates the extension of territory and platforms along the coastline and marine space more economically and efficiently than the execution of conventional land reclamation. It also allows the incorporation of services in a single phase of execution, which saves cost overruns and start-up times. Due to its autonomous modular configuration, it is perfect for supporting conventional civil engineering works, to be used mixed in many circumstances.

Industrial platforms

The relocation of the polluting industry, by the new environmental standards, or the dangerous one in locations of urban proximity, can be transferred to marine environments with the support of Landboxes Units efficiently and profitably. At the other extreme, the need for relocation of conventional industrial processes, industry 4.0 and other cases, in isolated areas but close to the centers of consumption, will represent during this century an interesting opportunity and high demand for this type of Applications.

Deposit platforms

The storage of dangerous or flammable materials, materials in transit, in quarantine, offshore values and many other goods that do not easily find space in mainland, can be derived to platforms at sea with surface or underwater storage capacity. Landboxes provides solutions in this area, given its modularity and its pre-configuration in design; being able to create fixed or temporary systems, with great scalability and flexibility. In turn, this Application can be combined with port support Units.

Port creation (construction)

Landboxes as a solution based on a port drawer, is a perfect instrument for the extension of docks attached to pre-existing port facilities or the extension of docking or storage surface, all in short execution loops and at low and controlled costs. But in addition, due to its special characteristics, it allows the development of new port uses, such as satellite micro-berths on the coast or offshore lines, fixed or temporary storage or storage micro-units, among other possibilities.

Creation of airports (foundation)

The development of island airports or in coastline, micro-airports, airfields in isolated areas, or with difficult access to materials and/or construction systems, and other casuistry aimed at absorbing the increase in the aeronautical sector of passengers and goods, It is an area of opportunity for the execution of work based on Landboxes System. This technology provides advantages over conventional construction systems are magnified in circumstances of constructive difficulty, speed and less impact.

Other applications

Beyond common and current uses, the challenges of this century, due to the increase in population, demand for coastal and diversification of marine activities, open a range of unconventional uses but of growing interest, and suitable for Landboxes solutions.

Military uses

In the field of military solutions and uses, the space of development in marine areas are growing and very diverse. The flexibility and capacity of Landboxes is especially disruptive in this industry, by enabling the deployment of technical platforms on marine surface quickly. Efficient and economical, the System allows from the extension of existing facilities to the creation of infrastructures in coast line or off-shore for multiple uses such as geostrategic support, electronic defense, containment belt, and many more.

Fish farming and processing

Population growth during this century will substantially impact the field of food production. At a time when overexploitation of fishery resources is no longer considered, the development of the marine food production and processing industry will grow exponentially. Landboxes System can offer very diverse solutions for the development of this industry and new opportunities around it, as support for conventional installations or new formats.

Energy collection

Landboxes Units supports different energy collection models from marine sources. At the moment, in the investigation phase, it has lines of work in the field of support platforms for wind energy production facilities in conventional format, support platforms for floating photovoltaic production, energy production units through turbine networks in underwater currents, In addition to specific projects in Geothermal industry and Energy accumulation of depth at high pressure.

Energy accumulation

Beyond obtaining energy from renewable sources in terrestrial environments, and the possible development in marine areas, a significant increase in the industry of the accumulation of energy obtained from high production hours, for its use in low production moments, is expected in the coming decades. Landboxes maintains a line of research with other industrial partners for underwater accumulation in medium and high depth units, one of the most efficient formats known.

Data center

The growth in demand in data processing capacity for multiple uses makes it necessary to propose alternatives in its installation and maintenance. Landboxes Data Application is a Unit designed to efficiently host and cool large network server installations. In turn, it can be a delocalized and/or offshore autonomous node. Together with Landboxes Energy Accumulation Application and Landboxes Energy Collection Application you can compose an autonomous system of circular economy.

Mining industry

The enormous development of the mineral resource extractive industry is beginning to take its first steps in the exploration and exploitation of underwater mining resources. The earth has 70% of its submerged crust and its potential is enormous. Large companies in the sector and investment funds specialists are beginning to allocate many resources to an industry that will be gigantic in the coming decades. Landboxes business development area is looking for partners for the development of Base Units of surface services.

Geothermal industry

The so-called Pacific fire belt is a 40,000 km subduction strip that concentrates high seismic and volcanic activity. Its potential as a source of geothermal energy is only in its beginnings, but it may be fundamental in the coming decades, for the transition to renewable energies of regions with high exposure or geographically isolated. Landboxes is exploring the possibilities of its system for the development of platforms to obtain energy from underwater sources of low and medium depths.

Satellite industry

Currently more than 85 countries are planning the development of space exploration and satellite deployment projects, and dozens of private companies in the aerospace and satellite industry will become hundreds over the next few years. The 2020 to 2050 decades are estimated to be the golden age of space, with tens of thousands of launches. Landboxes System is ideal for deploying high-capacity, low-cost offshore and offshore shoreline launch platforms.

Scientific bases

The seabed and the oceans represent 70% of the Earth's surface and are still a great unknown. In turn, the sixth continent, Antarctica, with 14 million km2, double of Australia, and 17,000 km of coastline, double of the United States, is also an almost unexplored area, as it is subject to protectionist regulation and the difficulties of creating settlements. Landboxes Xtrm, provides specific solutions for the creation of micro-settlements or scientific bases in these territories or in its adjacent offshore waters.

Memory gardens

Lack of space in cemeteries is an almost global problem that has a complex or impossible solution in many cases. Landboxes Memory Gardens is a comprehensive solution in development that solves the problem efficiently and without limitations. Located as an extension of land on the coastline, or in front of it, or in any other location, included remote or offshore, it allows a large number of variables and possibilities, from the simplest to largest individual or business projects.